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• Title – Caique Parrots : A Pet Guide for Caique Parrots
• Author – Lolly Brown
• ISBN – 978-1-946286-90-1
• Availability – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major book retailers!

About the book:
The caique parrot is a tiny bird with happy disposition and an outgoing personality. It is lauded as the “class clown” of the parrot family it falls under because of its fearless antics with comical results. The caique has a rambunctious and active personality which can be truly entertaining to watch. Discover more about the caique parrot in this book. Find out what is expected of you as an owner of one of these magnificent birds. Get to know the sort of food, tools, and equipment they would need, and be in the know as what to look out for to avoid sick birds. Whether you’re a newbie in the avian hobby or an experienced avian hobbyist, you can be sure to discover information that is updated and suited for a conscientious avian owner as yourself.

Caique Parrots General Info, Purchasing, Care, Cost, Keeping, Health, Supplies, Food, Breeding and More Included!

About the author:
Lolly is a long-time animal lover that enjoys writing about pets. Having a menagerie has cultivated a vast amount of experience and knowledge over the years. Now, she shares this knowledge with her readers – from future to current pet owners and from novice to maven.

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