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Caique Parrots Hops and Plays!!!

Location: Zakher Park, Al Ain, UAE.

Finally Good bye to Summer and Welcome back to Winter again.
Due to Very Hot Summer I was not able to spend more time Outdoor with My Caique. But now winter had started and she is soo happy to explore new things around.
For all these summer days while she see me going out she used to scream but no choice left for me other than leaving her there. Because in Summer UAE crosses 50 degree celsius temperature which makes her tired soo fast while flying.

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    1 Response to "Caique Parrot Welcoming Back Winter Once Again || Her New Bird Carry Travel Bag || Al Ain Zaker Park"

    • Sabine

      Hallo, ein sehr schönes Video 👍🏼 Vielen Dank🌸🦜

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