This is a standard training session with Momo. We do these to keep him thinking, active, and entertained. He learned these basic tricks very fast and we are trying to get him to think a bit harder in the future with harder tasks to complete for treats.

This is not intended as a “how to” video, although some videos are in the works. All birds are different and what works with Momo or what you see him do may not work with your birds. For example, Momo will “roll over” for treats but sometimes prefers to do easier/less effort tricks so sometimes he can be stubborn about it.

    2 replies to "Caique parrot trick training session"

    • nana 7 sea

      はじめまして。可愛いですね✨登録します。(* ´ ▽ ` *)

    • Phyllis Wilson

      Great, but the background is a bit bright and I can't see his face.

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