My caique parrot Daedalus putting rings on a peg.

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    • Rasha Sarandah

      Is your caique still friendly as an adult? Many say their sweet babies turn on them after a few years when they hit puberty and begin attacking which would be heart breaking to have your bonded tame pet begin to want to attack you nonstop 🙁

    • Magic- Munna

      Wow… Amazing. I too wanna train my caique but don't know when to start and how

    • 01worldguy01

      gold patience with your bird

    • Eli Garcia

      In the world cup they must have been going for brazil because they have brazil colors and anyway where you get the rings and stuff

    • Hamster Love34

      I have a black headed caique any tips on teaching it this

    • Nicola Mc

      Alex, you should have a look at the birdtricks site.. they have some excellent parrot training stuff… and some free stuff too if you don't get their video.

    • Nicola Mc

      Aww that's like my Tooey training.. if I try not to give her a treat for getting it wrong, she still runs over for a treat lol.. if I say no she unstacks them again lol.

    • Alex Szot

      How do you teach your bird that???????!!

    • Jess Hollingsworth

      Very nice video! I love how she tries to hurry at the end w/ the 2 at once !! Lol

    • Ben Fife

      Cute parrot I love it. I have a Meyers and I'm looking to get a parrot like yours!

    • David Judd

      That is the Coolest bird I've ever seen

    • Quynhii3

      lol! this is so cute i keep on laughing<3

    • BurninSonoma

      What a talented bird! 🙂 I'll be getting one of my own next year, and I can't wait! They're so adorable and loving.

    • banarabbyt

      Wow amazing- too bad my green cheek prefers to do nothing but eat lol. What a little smartie 🙂

    • Andrea Van Wyk

      Adorable girl you have there. Where did you buy the little stacking toy?

    • Felix Kemmler

      i can try, Yodas birthday is today =D

    • Caroline Moore

      I use clicker training to teach my birds complex tricks. I recommend reading the Bird-Click Yahoo group, or the books Clicker Training for Birds and The Bird School. I taught my caiques a lot of basic tricks before moving to really complex ones like this one. Good luck!

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