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    8 replies to "Caique Parrot Q & A"

    • charles barkson

      Do you have any sources that can give details on raising caiques? Like diet care and other basics?
      Ty and good video

    • captaincrunch72

      kjones is gorgeous !! The bird is pretty too…..

    • Joice Mou

      I thought caiques lived 20 years, but it depedns on birds and health right?

    • Kamal Hasan

      God bless you

    • sokra

      Hi Kjones. I just stumbled across a few of your caique videos and I already love your content and channel! I also grew up with a cockatiel (had him for 23 years) and sometimes it still hurts knowing that he's gone… anyway sometime down the line I do plan on getting a caique. Are their average life spans seriously around 40 years?? Thank you for these informative videos. Keep them coming!

    • Octipus Crime

      I watch your vids when i can and just dream about having a parrot. The closest i have to parrots are chickens. 🙂

    • walo mina

      Hey, I watched one video where the lady said that caique has a trigger like things that they will jist hate for no reason and with her it was her socks and he would just go for her her feet and attack full that the same with your bird? Like does she have moments where she shows abslout aggression towards things and tries to kill it? I have kids and they cry for one but I have to think about everyone's safety.

    • Parson

      I really would like a parrot one day but I want to till i'm at home and basically retired. lol I hope for a macaw one day

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