Little Sophie performs a Friday night concert on a Breedlove SC25 guitar

    18 replies to "Caique parrot plays guitar"

    • Delilah Toledo

      Wow she plays better than me too!

    • Jack Camarda

      Hmmm…open G chord is all he knows?

    • Josephine Bennington

      Never knew parrots would like flossing their beak.

    • MoniqueJP

      Can I get the sheet music for this?

    • Marilyn Carrier

      She's so precious!!

    • L. M. Delgado

      Ideal for sharpening the beak

    • Steve Fick

      A regular Stevie Ray Parrot!

    • Tracey Ryche White

      That is so cool! What an awesome little bird. I have a parrot and 4 guitars, but I'd be scared that she'd eat into the wood. That's so cute the way she makes that cute little sound when she plucks the strings.

    • CanBest76

      And, thus psychedelic music was born…

    • Caroline Howard

      This is better than some of the shite in the top 40

    • blueberry_borb

      I would pay to watch her perform in a concert.

    • Darin Zahid


    • hughcdavies

      Love this, who would imagine Jimi Hendrix re-incarnated as a parrot.

    • LordToxicis

      sounds like parts of Numb as played by Staind

    • TheJacksnipe

      I expected him pooping on the guitar.

    • Elijah

      Caique Is the BEST Human and bird to play the guitar ever

    • SYT Music

      Sophie504 😁

    • Marlena Forbes-Reidy

      Pretty cute little entertainer ❀️🐦❀️

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