caique jumping around

    12 replies to "Caique parrot jumping"

    • Nikos Hellas

      Maybe feeling kangaroo… 😂

    • Wes Wolever

      More coffee?

    • Rolo Rolo

      damn parrot….funny little guy

    • Do not read my profile pic

      he's trying out for the jumping bird competition

    • Hassan Ali

      Superb 😘🤣

    • Grizzly Bear

      Looks more like dancing than just hopping 😀

    • Eva

      I haven’t laughed this hard in a while

    • elliot1405

      I want one. I used to have a Quaker parrot when I was a kid. He never jumped though.

    • trash 6andit

      He must be listening to playboi carti

    • Nijhum Nitasha


    • Jay ♡

      ah yes… h o p

    • Ivan Buendia

      100% pure love

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