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Caique Parrots Hops and Plays!!!

Farms in UAE are like a Miracle. The Temperature goes more than 50+ degree celsius which will literally burns the soft plants, still there are 1000’s of farm houses in UAE who cultivates soft stemmed plants like Strawberry, Tomatoes etc and makes Tons of Organic vegetables and Fruits every year.
Here Farms are indoor which is fully computerized.
Watering, Humidity Control, Temperature Control, Sun Light Control all are computerized.
Roofs will opens when sunlight is required and will close after. Water is sprayed like a mist to achieve the required humidity.
Each plants need different requirements, hence each farms are having different rations of feeds as per requirements.

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      Very nice sharing

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      I would love a few blueberry bushes❤❤❤please send me !! I live in India

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      yummy 😋😍💖

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