Though somewhat abnormal for other types of birds, Mango the caique parrot loves to lie down on its back and get playful belly rubs from its owner.

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    14 replies to "Caique Parrot Gets Belly Rubbed"

    • Morscovium

      definitely in the top 10 cutest videos of all time


      bu tatlı kuş hangi cins

    • K8 H

      You gunna sexually frustrate that bird by doing that

    • Furby Gaming Old Channel 125

      Any Bellys are family friendly

    • Yup.

      so sweet 🙂 I love caiques. They have so much personality!

    • MUDDOBBER Mud Dobber

      …..ADORABLE…I HAVE GOT TO GET ME THE SAME BREED…they seem so playfull…your bird LOVEs YOU…

    • 238Tina1

      This is one of my favourite videos ever

    • loudpanzer

      I have a hangar like this attached to a pull-down ladder to my attic. my caique religiously grabs onto it no matter the speed I'm walking past it, haha… makes for some epic and sometimes "violent" acrobatics

    • satan

      Super cute but golden rule number 1… never pet a birds stomach… it'll think you're it's mate. It'll become agitated and confused

    • Druun

      What kind of dog is that?!

    • gibsonplayer8

      This bird is so dang cute. I am stuck with a cockatiel that bites if you try to touch him. Oh well.

    • ksrnate

      I want one!!

    • Sepehr Memarazad

      it's more of a cat. so cute <3

    • 🦋Riebug 🦋

      omg cuteness overload!!!!!!

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