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Sharing a few Lovely Moments of My Caique White Bellied Parrot (Casper) and Indian Ringneck Parrot (Albi).
Even though My Caique is Younger and Smaller in Size, she is the Boss.
They want to see each other all the time, but while I keep them together they start fighting like kids… Of course Not harming each other.
Caique is the one who starts making trouble Always.

    2 replies to "Caique Parrot falling in Love with Indian Ringneck | Having Fun | Kissing | Talking | Say I Love You"

    • Roepesh

      I have two ringnecks on a java tree.
      I would like to have a young caique!
      But they say that caiques can be aggressive and dominant to other species…
      How did you do this?

    • TH


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