Words like “playful,” “brainy,” “tricky,” “curious,” “loud,” “sensitive,” and “messy” are frequently used to describe any parrot and its antics. A few of them are seriously fit for this video. This clip shows a Caique Parrot, named Jalapeno, destroying his owner’s keyboard by pulling out its buttons as if he’s playing a fun game. The owner seems to enjoy this activity and lets him play it as a game. “Jalapeno loves to help his human while she works from home!“ the owner cheerfully stated. “He decided she needed a new keyboard.” This footage was taken on January 28, 2022

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    3 replies to "Caique Parrot discovers the keyboard as his new favourite game"

    • Pam Miller

      Bummer!!!! Who taught him that is in trouble!!!

    • Andrew Nguyen

      It’s telling you to get a mechanical keyboard

    • In-Justice

      That’s one very cheeky bird!!

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