What makes a cake a nice and happy parrot or a mean and biting parrot?
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    4 replies to "#Caique #Parrot: Diff Between Good Ones & Bad Ones #parrot_bliss #exoticbirds #parrotlover"

    • Tink Verdin

      Yep that’s how my pig headed little. stinker is.. They have to be the boss

    • Robin Wright

      Thank you for being so honest about how long it can take for a parrot to bond. I've seen some of the training videos that make it look like you bring a parrot home and 6 hours later it's rolling over and playing dead. It makes you start questioning yourself and your bird. I've also stopped babying my bird as much and pushing her a little since watching your videos. It's working out really well.

    • Street fighter vs Xenoverse

      Hey Kat, I gotta question I have noticed some grey looking spots on my white bellied caiques stomach and I am not sure if they are starting a molt or if it's from them being outside to long? Any idea what it could be? A few of the white feathers look grey around the chest area

    • Jan Kelley

      I loved this video. So true. Mine all have different personalities. Some will fly off before they’ll bite. Then some will sound like they’re ready to kill. The only one I really have to watch is Ivar. That bird can and will bite. The one time he did bite me, he actually bit through my thumbnail. Since I’ve been target training I can work with him. In fact I had to move him yesterday. I was able to accomplish it by having him step up onto a folded towel. Mostly mine delight in pinching. The biggest thing I notice and would advise people is not to get overly excited around their Caique. I find Caiques heighten very quickly. As you wonderfully brought up, what people see on Instagram and YouTube is usually do to a lot of interaction and training. In my experience most Caiques will hop. Some just do it more often.❤️❤️❤️

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