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This is just a compilation of few of my videos posted in February 2022 and is Uploaded upon request by few viewers for their comfortability.

    7 replies to "Caique Parrot Compilation Part-1 for Tips, Tricks and Funny Videos || Indian Ringneck"

    • a. mie.

      If i had pets I probably would have such gorgeous birdies …😁

    • shoaib qureshi

      Bro i loved your videos even i have my black cap caique but it poops every 2 minutes is it even in your case or does my bird has some infection may i know what is the time interval of your bird poop i know it may sound strange please dont mind

    • Lea van den bosch

      Congratulation for your work with birds

    • Abdul Vahid

      മാഷാ അല്ലാഹ് 👍

    • Abdul Kabeer

      Well done bro… Support u…

    • Fathima Fidha


    • Muhammad Junaid

      Masha Allah very beautiful 😍

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