Mylie is our 2yo black headed caique parrot, and Ariya is our german shepherd pup (rescued, about 7mo old in this video). She has grown up around small critters and understands that they are part of our ‘pack’ family – so she is very good with her ‘little’ siblings. Mylie is a clown, but also has the nickname ‘ill-tempered sea-bass’ (Austin Powers reference 🙂

    12 replies to "Caique Parrot chases german shepherd"

    • Dnightshade100

      I can picture the German shepherd licking that bird’s face, then the bird screeching bloody murder. 🤣

    • TheEnderBand

      Ahh the rental Caique

    • Dorian Paraschiv

      They root for the under-dog it seems.

    • lockandloadlikehell

      Is the bird mad, or is he just playing

    • Wyyrdo Jim

      The puppy was later found dead torn to shreds!🙀

    • Irreverent Statue Reviews (ISR)

      I have 2 caiques. Are they safe in your opinion to have a dog with? If you raise the dog as a puppy with?

    • Carisia Botero

      This is such a caique thing to do…

    • Michael Rodriguez-Spruill

      Hahaha I might need to rent the caique because my caique doesn't chase our dogs

    • Peggy P

      This is a good way to lose a bird.

    • Amanda T

      Hahah this just made my day

    • Internet Lurker

      That birb means business

    • Kate Kudirka

      God i wish mine would do this. When my caique lands on my dog, the dog just keeps on sleeping.

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