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    • Street fighter vs Xenoverse

      Man I wish if caiques were only 800 dollars, They sell for 1500 to as high as 2500 now adays the most I have seen is 3grand, i got two right now 1800 dollars each..

    • Joice Mou

      Do you know if caiques do well with another larger parrot?

    • Joice Mou

      Do you know if you should train a parrot in the morning nor evening? How many minutes should we train straight?

    • SkullJey

      Hello , your videos are really helpful so thank you . But also if you have school for 6-7 hours is that ok if you spend like hours with them when you get home . Just asking for the future Bc I met a very wonderful caique and I love him lol . Just asking for the furture thank you .. have a great day

    • Grace

      I live in Colorado, and the nearest bird stores are at least 4hrs away. In order to get a Caique over the summer, it cost me $1700!!! FOR ONE PARROT. worth it tho…

    • ruaiupe

      Where did you get her?

    • Philip Murray

      It's funny how you can entertain your pet with a basic household object like a straw, instead of buying expensive toys etc.

    • Little_Astro

      Is it hard to handle 2 of them ?
      There’s 2 for adoption but i won’t adopt until im sure so can you please help me !?
      How much do you pay per month ?
      How much you pay for the vet ?
      Do you go to the vet once per year ?
      Thanks !

    • Luna Dawg

      where did you get your bird?

    • Frosty Fillies

      Can you do a cage tour please!!??

    • sonia s

      How big is your cage?

    • DressageAtHogwarts

      How would you rate your caique noise wise? when does she tend to make the most noise?

    • Ed Nicolas

      Ironwoman caught a caique parrot gone wild Kappa

    • Rebecca Elliott

      She’s adorable lol

    • Bully

      What hunter level do you need to catch one

    • Isai Omar

      Wth this isn’t a 99 hunter guide

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