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    • Street fighter vs Xenoverse

      Man I wish if caiques were only 800 dollars, They sell for 1500 to as high as 2500 now adays the most I have seen is 3grand, i got two right now 1800 dollars each..

    • Joice Mou

      Do you know if caiques do well with another larger parrot?

    • Joice Mou

      Do you know if you should train a parrot in the morning nor evening? How many minutes should we train straight?

    • Joice Mou

      I have a question I own a yellow Crowned amazon, my parents both work and I and my older brother go to school. That means my mom is gone at 7:00am Me and my brother are gone at 7:15 and my dad is gone to work at 8:00 to 9:00 in the morning, that means until 4:00pm our parrot is home alone, on Tuesdays, Wedsnesdays, Saturdays, My dad is usually home all day, my mom is home on Sundays all day and me and my brother are home on Saturday and Sundays too. I leave my parrot with a couple toys and some treats while we are gone, Is there something we can do that can keep our parrot entertained while we are gone. Obviously since we have Covid-19 rn we aren´t leaving our house. We also can´t just give away our parrot or sell him bc we already invested in him and we love him to pieces. We just want to make his life better and healthier. I am taking to my dad about making an aviary on our balcony, this way he has more sun, wind, more space to fly and place, more toys to fit in his aviary.

    • SkullJey

      Hello , your videos are really helpful so thank you . But also if you have school for 6-7 hours is that ok if you spend like hours with them when you get home . Just asking for the future Bc I met a very wonderful caique and I love him lol . Just asking for the furture thank you .. have a great day

    • Grace

      I live in Colorado, and the nearest bird stores are at least 4hrs away. In order to get a Caique over the summer, it cost me $1700!!! FOR ONE PARROT. worth it tho…

    • ruaiupe

      Where did you get her?

    • Philip Murray

      It's funny how you can entertain your pet with a basic household object like a straw, instead of buying expensive toys etc.

    • Little_Astro

      Is it hard to handle 2 of them ?
      There’s 2 for adoption but i won’t adopt until im sure so can you please help me !?
      How much do you pay per month ?
      How much you pay for the vet ?
      Do you go to the vet once per year ?
      Thanks !

    • Luna Dawg

      where did you get your bird?

    • Frosty Fillies

      Can you do a cage tour please!!??

    • sonia s

      How big is your cage?

    • DressageAtHogwarts

      How would you rate your caique noise wise? when does she tend to make the most noise?

    • Ed Nicolas

      Ironwoman caught a caique parrot gone wild Kappa

    • Rebecca Elliott

      She’s adorable lol

    • Bully

      What hunter level do you need to catch one

    • Isai Omar

      Wth this isn’t a 99 hunter guide

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