Do you have a Caique Parrot that is Biting, Screaming, and on Hormone overload? Can Parrot Hormones be Dangerous? A hormonal caique can be dangerous to the Human, its self, or other birds! Twice a year, my male caique parrot Puffy becomes dangerous to other birds in the bird room and me! When Puffy Caique becomes hormonal, it’s confusing for him and painful. Puffy my caique parrot’s Gonads gets so large inside his body; it pushes on his organs, causing pain and makes him super aggressive. Poor Puffy cannot help how or what he feels. My Cockatoo Victoria becomes hormonal October – May every year. Many birds become very sick or even die from being egg bound. I think the nesting season is hardest on caiques and cockatoos. It’s almost impossible to keeps these wild animals happy and healthy in captivity. I have a few tips to share that can help you and your caique parrot during the nesting season.

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📺Puffy Caique’s Gonads are Huge | Parrot Hormones | Vet Trip

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    18 replies to "Caique Parrot Biting, Screaming and Hormones | Caique Survival Tips!"

    • Salt Shaker

      Bird blue balls

    • Michael Hornby

      How in god's name do you manage 3 !!

    • Laurel Cook

      Not even 30 seconds in and I’m like “nope, this isn’t a good bird for me.”

    • Coolman2786

      they are very aggressive when they eyes turns into red suddenly. they can attack u.

    • sikello

      do caiques tend to get along with sun conures? im gettinga sun conure early january (my second) and i like to have a buddy for them while im at school, and i love caiques so i was thinking one. 🙂

    • Golden Ben

      Wish I would have watched a video like this before I bought my guy 8 years back and not been so naive, never having had a bird before. Recently gave him up as the noise and hormonal behaviour became too much for me after all those years and being autistic didn't help, but he came from a pet shop I used to work at and we hit it off, but once at home I didn't have the coping strategies for his behaviour. Never loved a pet as much as him though and still miss him every day. I think parrots when not hormonal etc CAN be amazing companions but they really don't make good pets in my opinion.

    • Kay zee

      Thank you! This was such an informative video. Ive had my 3 year old sun conure since she fledged. We are having the worst time with her hormones. Shes biting us both at least once a day – breaking skin. She is desperately trying to hump my hand and get my fingers under her wings. When i resist and only offer to scritch her head she screams incessantly. Her aggression towards my husband is the worst. She dive bombs him and really attacks his head. Its crazy to see the two of us trying to defend him against 1 little bird. I try to explain to him that its not personal but i know his feelings are hurt. Im going to try your suggestions about reducing fat/nuts and increasing her sleep. Thanks again.

    • Michael Hornby

      Watched this after I got my caique ! I did it the wrong way round ffs , seriously though he is a cuddle muffin whilst a baby.

    • Juan Zulu

      Three birds showing their human pet 😂

      Just kidding. Nice vid 😀👍

    • MayNerd J Vic

      My Ciaque is 10 yrs. & he doesn’t SLEEP ANYMORE!! He’s AWAKE ALL NIGHT!!? WHAT CAN I DO?? He’s Getting MEAN & BITES & He DIDNT Before,.. PLEASE HELP??😢

    • Reese

      Watching this after a hormonal day with a male 7 year old cockatoo. Taking notes!

    • Tam Smith

      Sheesh, Id take a hundred hormonal Caiques than 1 hormonal teenager

    • Thomas Gallipoli

      Thank you very much for a very informative video. The real story behind the crazy bouncing birdies on so many YouTube channels. Very much appreciated and please gib lots of scritches aplenty to the birby dinosaurs.

    • Street fighter vs Xenoverse

      Caiques can actually live to be 40 with good care..

    • Spiritus Vini

      If you wouldn’t mind is there anyway I can speak with you about a few things concerning my two tiels. Male and female.

    • Spiritus Vini

      Sounds like my two cockatiels. My cockatiels crap like that. I’m used as a toilet it seems

    • Sorry Melissa

      What age do they start getting hormonal ?

    • Khawla Saif

      Suggest me good healthy snacks for my caique 5-6months

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