I heard from many of my friends and from Comments that Indian Ringneck and Caique fight each other. Thank god My Caique is not that aggressive to My Indian Ringneck. May be because they are friends for years. Still in the blood of Caique parrots they have a strong territorial attitude which makes the Caique to bite the IRN without hurting much but will scare him.

Crossbreeding of a Caique Parrot with an Indian Ringneck is rare. I hope it is impossible.
please comment if anyone have experienced it.

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    2 replies to "Caique Parrot and Indian Ringneck Pair | Orange Head White Bellied Caique Parrot & Yellow Lutino IRN"

    • Anderson Gaming

      Peroquet & Caique. 🤭🤭

    • Salazarmageddon

      Indian Ringnecks are such strange birds lol. Their weird, halting movements are fun to watch. Your Caique is very tolerant of him! Mine likes my conures, but he is very standoffish with the cockatiels. By the way, your aquarium is very beautiful!

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