My Caique is juggling with small toys!

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    • Oly Garcia

      Is it true that Caiques can turn on the owner and are harder to manage when they reach maturity after 3 to 4 years old? Let me know? I’m having second thoughts of getting one because most of the people at the pet stores are telling me not to get one.

    • sonic1997

      Young chick has grey belly feathers. Moulting with new white feathers when growing up … The video was taken when my Caique was 5-6 months old

    • deutschesmaedchen

      it looks like he has opposable thumbs O_O lol

    • Dablid77

      he's little legs aww

    • sahree

      on his back! lol!!

    • sonic1997

      yes, you're right! Actually, the background noise is a mixture of a African Grey, a human and TV! 🙂

    • zookpr70

      love it when birdies play on their backs…very cute

    • Patricia Buzo

      What a sweetie!

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