Today we are helping train a young caique to flight train with his human, Michell!



Dave and Jamieleigh Womach specialize in parrot training and companionship.

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    19 replies to "Caique Flight Training | GET RESULTS FAST!"

    • LR Lasvegas

      Really enjoyed this Mike & Michelle series! Great job, Bird Tricks! 🐦

    • shvonne marie

      My local Pet Smart has the most disheveled looking green conure, I’ve been visiting her but not being able to reach through the glass and scratch the mess of pin feathers on her face is heartbreaking. I wish there was something we could do to keep these animals that need more attention out of big box pet stores.. I want to save up and purchase her to get her out of there, but I know they’ll just replace her with another one 😥 it’s an endless cycle that these beautiful animals don’t deserve
      Thank you so much for your videos, our rescue green cheeked conure has come around amazingly

    • As told by mimi

      Why are caiques so CUTE

    • Spirit Matter

      Nothing like seeing a caique receiving a “banana lift.” It’s only surpassed by the “Caique Walk.” The cuteness is hard-wired in.

      P.S. Beautiful color on the walls! I wish they’d share the color and manufacturer.

    • Wendy Cottingham

      I love when Dave said his hunt for food is over he is full. Also a fully flighted bird makes you a better trainer!

    • Aaron Jesko

      Goodness, this little caique is so cute! 🥰 Caiques are just so adorable.

      And super educational as always! 🙏🏼

    • Jessica Wison

      This is going to sound weird. I watch your videos for cute birds but also am implementing you training techniques when working with my monitor lizards. This video was super helpful.

    • Celeste

      Awesome video! I had fun watching you all have fun. Congrats on a successful session 👏

    • Sayan Mullick

      A video on taming an adult budgie 🥺

    • Catherine Fraser

      Dave being the bird is funniest thing 😂

    • Leticia Barron

      That's how I taught my 8yr & 12yr old figure out to how read our Grey. Dave's method… talking in birds voice…hahaha. thanks Jamie for saying that. So many people learn in different ways. 🤩

    • Michael Wiegand

      Ohh Amari Caique & Ilana are getting some training tonight! Love that you're working with Caiques. The longer I live with these birds the more I think they are in their own class of parrot in many ways!

    • B_A_N _∆_S_H_i_A_A_N

      someone give me a clipped bird and very hard to train because of you it getting kinda easy thanks for the information

    • The conures

      Caiques are so sweet

    • eng479

      I have a relatively well adjusted indoor flighted caique and even she can be an absolute handful. She has her own room and 20+ perches/stands/large toys and uses every single one. Best part of having a caique is that they seem comfortable bonding with multiple people and are incredibly smart, so if you can patiently work through the stubbornness, you can get them to do almost anything.

      For anyone considering a caique, know that they are not birds that will just chill on a stand in the living room with you all day. They're little ADHD dinosaurs who would rather hop around and explore/play than just relax with you, and that's kind of why we love ours. They also live roughly 25-30 years, so you generally won't be in a situation where it will outlive you, which is a big plus.

    • Maggie Me

      its hard to say as a pet owner that you have no idea what your doing .
      If you dare to say it , your half way there.

    • Troy McMahon

      I'v seen this colour & the black headed caiques, they are beautiful! 💜 They remind me of my conures too 🦜🐾

    • Hellfo Oliver

      A Caique! Love those, so cute!

    • Sanuka Nisalitha

      Love your videos 👍👍👍

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