I gave Pyro’s parrot foraging toy to my white-bellied caique Derpla and placed it so that it isn’t too easy to reach. See how he managed! ^^

    15 replies to "Caique Derpla solves the problem with a foraging toy"

    • Johnnie Henry

      Cute and such a smart bird. jh

    • Ellie Williams

      What happened to his feet?

    • Maurizio Federici

      Ciao…i can't find any foraging toy for my cockatiel…can u suggest me some of them by linking them down….thanks

    • Erinn Morrison

      Aww Derpla so smart and silly from humble beginnings to super BIRD!!!

    • Flying Birdy

      I want a toy like this for my birds

    • Crankwerk

      Derpla fantastic name and an amazing bird=)

    • Nathalie prins

      Derpla! You are so smart! And cute! And funny! Have a good day!!

    • Fritids Tur

      Super Parrot!

    • Sigasmund

      His feet look like they are getting better .

    • warrior X heart

      Niin kiva jos ymmärtää suomea!!

    • keksness

      He's a clever one 🙂

    • Karen Knicely

      Aww, Derpla! You are so smart! And cute! And funny! Have a good day!!

    • Hypno

      That’s so cute! Derpla should have his own instagram

    • Jensen Goslyn

      He did so very well, look at that! No time at all – and some people think birds are stupid, bah!

    • Arshad Hossain Fahim

      I love birds

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