When Koa isn’t being a psycho crazy caique, she is super sweet. If you aren’t familiar with white belly caiques, they are SUPER hyper. Like, take an 8 week old puppy and cram it into a tiny little parrot and boom, you have a caique. All of these cuddle clips lasted only for a few seconds and she was back to screaming, biting, and playing. Do lots of research before getting a caique because they are LOADS of work!

    15 replies to "Caique Cuddles – Cute Parrot Cuddles Compilation"

    • Ezhil G

      So Cute 😍 💓

    • Ingrid Arnold

      SWEATY ♥️ ❤ ♥️ ❤❤

    • Mustafa pınar

      I want too.where can i get it.(caique) ım from turkey

    • steven townsend

      Im steve in uk i got grey cockatiel very loving birds my cockatiel loves kisses back and neck rubs etc .caiques are lovey birds im goin to get one soon hopefully

    • บูโก


    • G.v.M

      Yes exactly the description they are cute but alot of work, patience, blood and joy.

    • Al Cafacci

      Your bird is so cute and funny!

    • kamala pujitha

      Thank u for the video…my soul needed this!

    • e schwarz

      Caiques are such hams; bouncy, rowdy and affectionate type parrots

    • Xerox Intelligent

      It's so cute! That's why nobody could dislike!
      I call my budgies puchu dearly. What do you call??

    • thegamer550

      My 1 year old black headed does this sometimes, he just sits still while I pet him and he gets fluffed up

    • MyBirdTube

      How old is your baby in the video? I have 3 BHC and 1 WBC. They all, at one time or another, act just like yours ❤❤❤

    • glen stanley

      I have a elictus

    • glen stanley

      Is he or she a baby?

    • Good Tips

      lol, I can't believe what I see. my caique hates cuddling 😀 only jumps, fights and more jumps and destroys every toy 😀 What is age your parrot?

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