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Few Tips from My small experience:
– Before a free shower take the bird outdoor for a while to make them feel hot which makes a tendency to shower themselves.
– Water with Room Temperature is the best option always.
– I Suggest not to use Hot Water or add any cleaning agents which may wipe out the natural wax under the feathers which helps the birds to keep their bodies warm and water-resistant.
– Never dry them under the direct sun after a shower.
– Morning or evening 2 to 3 hours before sunset is the best time for a Shower. Never try to Shower after Sunset.
– Try to wipe out the water from their head with tissue or by using a soft towel so as not to get cold.

Always remember the pets are mostly grown indoors and never compare or expect them to have the same resisting power as the normal birds living outside. So simply pay a bit more attention to their hygiene.

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