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    5 replies to "Caique Chesmu doing tricks"

    • jokesbenny

      Chesmu is very young here the female to the right is a baby. She is learning and doing the same tricks later 😆😃

    • Little Naughty Budgie

      Cockatoo welcoming Papa Papa Papa Papa !!!!!!!!!!


    • Cristina Nistor

      The one is like imma put these here, maybe a get a treat, I'll put them all!! This one too! This one I'll put twise! Now gimmy!
      The other one is like: what the heck are you doing, chill, mate!
      Love them both, amazing! 🙂

    • Bernd Wahlbrinck

      Amazing – especially the first ones with the small holes!

    • Adam John

      Thats really a badass bird

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