Meet ChiChi! He is a male, 6 year old black headed caique parrot. His owner died, and he was the only one of his owners’ parrots not to get rehomed so he was placed in a parrot rescue where after just 3 short months, he was adopted by my friends (who will remain anonymous).

Those friends just had a BABY!!! And to take some of the added pressures off, we offered to take ChiChi and train him to be a loving family pet – to achieve that our plan is to bond with him with the entire family through trick training (something we refer to as bond building games) my whole family will be taking part in this venture to ensure ChiChi enjoys interaction from everyone!

My daughter has been wanting her own bird (a budgie) so seeing how big of a role she ends up playing with ChiChi’s training and care will definitely determine whether or not she gets her own bird in the future.

Follow ChiChi’s transformation journey!

More on caiques;




(Oldest to Youngest)
Female Galah 💗 BONDI (bond-eye) ⭐ hatched 2005
Female Congo African Grey 💗 CRESSI ⭐ hatched 2007
Male Galah 💙 BANDIT BOY ⭐ hatched 2008
Male Blue Throated Macaw 💙 JINX ⭐ hatched 2008
Male Camelot Macaws 💙 COMET & TUSA ⭐ hatched 2008
Male Toco Toucan 💙 ROCKO ⭐ hatched 2011
Female Sun Conures 💗 LILY & PHOEBE & DETKA (dee-et-ka) ⭐ hatched 2011

BirdTricks is a husband-wife team; Dave and Jamieleigh Womach specialize in parrot training and companionship.

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    21 replies to "Bringing Home a Caique Parrot!!! | Meet CHICHI"

    • rania khan

      I just LOVE how you take care of your birds!! It’s amazing to see them so happy with you! ❤️

    • Gabie

      How does Chichi sleep? Does chichi have a tent to sleep in? I am just curious. I have a caique and I never have him a sleeping tent or something to sleep inside of… what are your thoughts on that ?

    • C

      Im curious, do your birds ever free flight at your house, or just mainly in remote locations?

    • jayrough

      We were going to bring a caique home but we were told that after puberty they can either stay cute and cuddly or turn into a demon so we decided against it. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Nicolai

      Man I wish I could afford a caique

    • Ginger ٨ـﮩﮩ♡ Ninja

      Although our family doesn't even have parrots, I was drawn to your cahnnel because of my love of the Macaws! Also, because everyone calls me mother nature for my interaction with the wildlife. ❤ We LOVE your channel!

    • Roy and his birds

      Your videos about chichi are very helpful. I'm adopting a 5 year old green cheek conure and I don't want to make any mistakes.

    • Jana R Dedace

      At the moment I only have two budgies and one cockatiel. Hopefully one day when I have more time and the means to, I can build something similar to the aviaries that you have !! You take such amazing care of them and they all look so happy. I wish you best of luck with your new Caique 🙂 He’s so lucky to be going to such an amazing home

    • min yoongi

      I have a question can u give a cockatiel crisps

    • HAMAD XD

      I a'm frume libya😍
      انا من ليبيا ✌

    • J. S.

      I would LOVE to have as many birds as you but I know I can't provide for them like you can. I think it is important for people to realize that sometimes owning as many animals as you, is selfish when they can't get the care they need and deserve. Then there are people like you. You give them all what they need and you can see immediately how much of a bond you have with them.

    • Apparently Human

      I don’t know if you already have a video about this, I can’t find one, but how do you train a new PAIR of birds? If they are already each other’s companions, how do you train them to trust you or care about you? I don’t have any, so this is just out of curiosity!

    • Sydney Elmore

      Could I ask where you got your aviaries??

    • Reece Can in a van


    • Social Glitch

      So excited!

    • Joey Quigley

      Does that sign say "Posted No Hunting"?

    • Boleyn_3

      Work your magic,Jaimie. It is fascinating to see you work with these birds.

    • Love of Pets

      Congratulations on your new Bird. What about quarentine? I watched your other video on bringing home Morgan and I agree with you about not having to leave them alone for a few days to get used to their new home unless they are let's say a parent raised budgie or Lovebird which are terrified when you get them, I suggest at least one or two days but feed them and talk them and then try and work with them. What are your thoughts on a parent fed or terrified bird?
      Love your videos!

    • Pirate's Parrot life for me

      I think we use the same plant/gardening mister for the birds! Or at least similar lol I was looking for tropical fruit plants for the birds & landscape in fun south fl, I try to make it feel like I'm in south or central America as possible. Lol but I saw it & ended up with the mister instead, the work great! This season are cauiqes had a lot of babies! One clutch of 4 white bellied that are weaned now & a hilarious zoo, at the store I have to take 2 out at a time bc they are crazy but fun & hilarious. Then 2 black head cauiqes that are great & are a little calmer I feel like but still on last feeding. Then our other white bellied caique parents had 2 babies too! But for a small store & aviary we were crazy & had a lot of babies so the 2 young white bellies got sold to a trusted vet but I miss the little nuggets. I love when they are so dependent on you & how excited they get with formula! Lol but we had 3 clutches of golden conures too (1 of 1, 2nd clutch we had 2, & 3rd clutch we had 3) 3 different breeder parents…. but the last clutch is still on 2 feedings & I got the golden bug so I'm buying one of the golden babies. The other clutches are weaned. Anyways I'm in love with the youngest & kinda runt. Lol but can't wait to really flight & train bc my other are all rehomed or adopted, a couple rescues & your videos have been great help & they are awesome too but I'm excited for the experience esp since I'm doing a lot of the raising! Lol but cauiqes I love to call bi polar….or sour patch kids…. first they are sweet than they are sour…. or vise versa….. lol but I do love them! It was a tough choice deciding between cauiqes & the golden conure but the golden has always been on my wish list & so sweet although I'm sure a cauiqe will be with me in the future too! Lol

    • jumi loves birds

      welcome Chichi😍🤗

    • Phoebe Potts

      Hi when r u posting chichis first day love your channel by the way

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