Apollo lifts them up like it’s nothing. Strong boi.

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    10 replies to "*BONK* Get Hangered 🥴"

    • Molly Millions

      They have all these toys but all three of them just want to go ham on a pants hanger.

    • coll ew

      Upside down burb alert!!

    • Steve Matthews


    • Alessandro

      Apollo: “wanna square up?”

    • Siam

      They’re just so cute 🥰

    • gg_nugu

      I really hope Apollo isn't choosing Soleil as a mate

    • sssRaven

      "no smooching" After watching some of their vids, I've heard this said before. can anyone in the bird keeping hobby explain why no smooching is a thing?

    • Donsdoom

      DAMN the quality of this video is high.

    • goofball

      Apollo does rather enjoy doing the slightest bit of tomfoolery.

    • Dokuta

      I could watch this all day

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