A old video of ours showing the body language to look for when potentially introducing a new caique to an established parrot/flock. These two are safely separated by an acrylic carrier in the video.

This body language is a dead giveaway that one or both caiques are stressed/angry/highly aggressive – ruffled feathers, pulled back wings/shoulders, fanned tail feathers, growling, etc.

This is Marley and Pogo – two of our male caiques that will likely never get along – and if they were allowed access to one another, one or both would likely be seriously injured – or potentially even killed.

Have a caique acting like this when it is near another parrot? Separate them immediately, and do not permit them access to each other.

    5 replies to "Body language in caiques at Providence Meadow"

    • Elle Simon

      They look stressed.

    • loudpanzer

      Oh yea pogo is trolling him so bad, hahahahaha!

    • EFJ009

      Reminds me of my brothers fighting my Ember said no no no what what lol lots of love from New Jersey and Ember 💖💕💖💕

    • Nullacht 15


    • TheCurt1981

      Some birds will never get along… some birds won't even get to the point of tolerating each other…

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