My pair of caiques breeding, producing 3 eggs with all of them hatching but unfortunately, only 2 survived.

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    • Mohammed Almuslim

      You had the pair adults or young? And at what age do they breed? Can you recognize the gender or it requires DNA testing? What do you suggest, getting the pair as chicks or getting them fully grown adults?

    • Nickulas Maharaj

      Hi how do you tell the male from the female

    • allan parrott

      Hi in the parrot mag.issue 157 February 2011caiques have to cluches by Pauline James mine don't

    • allan parrott

      How many clutches do they have ?

    • allan parrott

      hi were do u keep them

    • allan parrott

      How did u get them into breeding condition wot did u give them ihave clear eggs.

    • allan parrott

      Hi did u get them into breeding condition is the cages 1 above the other regards

    • allan parrott

      We're did u get the cages regards doncaster

    • nion last

      how old caiqu breeding ? plz help i have white caiqu male

    • Rahim Arshad

      Could you do a review on the cage ?

    • nion last

      how old caique bird can breed can u please tell me

    • Afl Stuff

      Can you please make me one

    • Afl Stuff

      Can you please send me a link to we’re you bought the nesting boxe from

    • Afl Stuff

      Hi I’m wondering if they are for sale thanks

    • Musa Uysal

      Hi I've been watching you from turkey bendede have 1 pair of black head caique but I do not know when it would be their spouse, what is the caique reproductive age are they? and what advice would you give me?

    • Yuri Viana

      Hello dear. Very nice video. Love it! I am thinking about buy a couple of caiques. I have experience breeding other birds but caiques would be the first time. Any tips about food and other import facts to have breedig sucess?

    • Aves Domingues

      what is cage measurements and brand for caique

    • ANO NYM

      Do you have instagrm? Follow us cocofamilygang

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