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In this video we will tell about black-headed parrot that is also known as the black-headed caique, black-capped parrot or pallid parrot, is one of the two species in the genus Pionites of the family Psittacidae; the other species being the allopatric white-bellied parrot.

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    11 replies to "Black Headed Caique Parrot Price in Dehradun India | Black-Capped Parrot or Pallid Parrot"

    • Pranab Kumar Das

      Sir 70000 1 pair ka keya

    • shailendra bahuguna

      बोलता भी है ये

    • Cher P

      Indian flag ki tarah

    • Petzoo Colony Lko.

      yeh pair k price hai Kya single k…?

    • I,M Rohit

      70k for a payer?

    • Tapal Son's

      I really love this parrot

    • raj kumar

      Take interview only clearly know about this bird,he first of all don't know about this

    • Ajeet Chaudhary

      Nice video 9756360082 aad

    • Iyce kold

      Is this available

    • ketan borsadiya

      9898726286 ketan patel

    • Kuldeep S

      70k ???? For single or pair price ?

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