Our Little Clown 🙂

    28 replies to "Black Headed Caique Hopping, Taking Shower, Playing"

    • The Stork 2

      I'd rather have listened to the natural sound of the bird than a lousy noisy "music".

    • Kamal Hasan

      "*God Bless Everyone*"

    • DaWhiteWolffie

      The elusive grass parrot. A bird that even conures think is crazy.

    • Moon

      It,s fine now?

    • fellowsgary2

      I think this bird can do Irish dancing

    • fellowsgary2

      When it hops it kicks it's Leg out
      Baahaaa BaaaHaaa

    • Aurora Chicaiza

      Me encanta el video

    • Marita Noiya


    • dj Khan

      Where can I buy these

    • matt sykes

      He's having a fun day

    • ballad2212

      Tootsie kisses!!!

    • Satanic Katnip

      This video is gorgeous but the music is giving me autism 😂

    • Space Cat

      Cute ickle Dino birb!

    • emy thor


    • Lisa Delosa

      Is his wings clipped?

    • Tricia Hosein

      I have 1 caique

    • Charles Kerry

      That is one happy bird, and probably due to a good life his parents provides for him or her.

    • Zennofobic

      that lil dude is just happy 24/7 maybe being a bird brain ain't so bad

    • Hala Salamah

      It looks EXACTLY like mine

    • a. mie.

      … a happy birdie – for sure 🙂 …

    • Sierra TangO

      I want to kill the bird and this music and eat it because it is soooooooôö cute

    • frode eriksen

      is it a female bird? i got a feeling that male birds are not so happy on there back

    • gjmob

      Just keep it away from the cooktop, otherwise you'll be baking a Caique!

    • Eastmond Sisters MMA

      So so so cute ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🐦

    • Sacha Vrendenbarg

      I really love to see this! How did you get him so tame? Is he handfed?

    • BullyG

      Happy birb!

    • Dimka Lie

      Strange dog you got there !

    • Mr Yeezy

      How much did he cost. I'm looking to get one. 😍

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