Black Cap Caique | Salman’s Exotic Pet Store | Mumbai

    19 replies to "Black Cap Caique | Salman's Exotic Pet Store | Mumbai"

    • Yo Yo

      Sir can you make a video on boruke parrot

    • H uzaifa

      Fahad bhai kya video bnane ke liye apse pese lete h???

    • TixalXD

      Contact no. Pls

    • King Ronak

      Grey ka pair kya price hai

    • shubham aditya

      Sir could you suggest a bird species that suits my lifestyle . So I have a 6 bhk house with a nice open terrace, for free flying . The bird will never be alone as there would always be like 2 people in the house and we could give the bird ample amount of time and space . We've had budgies in the past too . My budget is around 1 lakh to 1 lakh and 10 thousand at max . I want a talkative bird which should be like medium to large in size . Plus my house is covered with Greenery due to which there a all sorts of other birds like flocks of parrots and peacocks . So I think it's a safe space for a large bird to fly around . We had experience in keeping birds in the past so I think we can take it up a notch . I also have a rabbit if that helps as a non human companion for the bird .

    • Sai Vikas

      Show any new birds always old birds only

    • The Reaper Gaming

      Assalamwalekum! Salman Bhai why you stopped making videos! I want pineapple Conure with SSTA with cage and required toys accessories. Also, do you have flying suits for conure?

    • Legendary Kingston

      Need a sun conure…if available…let me know…

    • Mahavir Bhukan

      You deliver any baby bird

    • Aratrik Ghosh

      I have one query salman can you please help me out i wanted to know that can parrots live in ac or they is there anything that they can't live in ac

    • Saiful Haq

      Please let us the price


      salman bahi i need african grey breeder ka refrence do janha chick saste mile

    • Himnish Ashar

      I live in mumbai where is your location

    • Himnish Ashar

      Where is your address

    • Razik Khan

      Sir I have brought tamed cocktail bird but it's still scared and biting

    • Faisal Amir

      Pirse kya he bhai

    • Devender

      Bhai zebra finch ke chicks ko a19 use kra sakte hai kya

    • nomi nadal

      Fahad bhai is back😍

    • Syed Kamran Attari

      Salman bhai mic zaroor lagaya karen , apki awaz km aati hy bigher mic k

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