24 replies to "Black Cap Caique | Clown Bird | Salman's Exotic Pet Store | Tame Exotic Bird"

    • Sultan Shekh

      Hindi me bola karo bhai vese bhi angrejo ki language kafi logo ke bounce jati he.

    • Sukanya Dutt

      Price of one pair with DNA papers

    • Aarfeen Anees

      Sir what's the minimum time one should spend with these birds on daily basis.

    • OM GURAV

      I love your videos very much I do want to pet a bird but my budget is low on day I will surely purchase it from your store ❤️😊

    • Aamir Maniar

      Start sharing rates also because it can make us clear as a viewer we can get a perfect clarification !

    • Halima Khatoon

      Please have a Mike with you nothing is audible


      My parrot is also watching the video

    • Abhay Panwar

      Salman Bro, my galah is being a bit dizzy and has stopped eating his favourite thing cashews.. pls tell me what to do.. it's been six years he is with me.. I have a doubt that I'm feeding him fruits a lot.. can it be a cause of this lazyness…

    • Bobby bob

      after 6years the caique has turned on his mommy… puffing up and eyes going small than attacking…HELP!!!! what must we do?????????

    • anoop gautam

      Beautiful Bird's


      Do you have green ficher balck headed female what si the price

    • Raj

      Bhai which camera do you use for shooting Pls mention make and model no.Amazing clearity hai. Maza aata hai video dekhne me.

    • Soumya Singh

      Amazon parrot

    • Tejas Patel

      Bhai next video African love bird or cockatiel pe

    • Kalpesh Patel


    • Bilal Qureshi

      Bhai audio ka dhyaan do voice bahot low aati video me, baaki sab badiya.

    • Y T

      Nice video it's useful an helpful

    • Noaman Kay

      Perfect ❤😍😍😍

    • dhavalforever

      Great information great content keep it up salman bhai being birdie🤗🤗🤗

    • Rehan Sayyed

      57k each or pair ?

    • Gaming zzzz indot

      Hello sir, Good quality and cute birds, Sir plz aap batao ki Amazon ka self eating pair kitne main aayega , sir aap mujhe approx price batao sir Because sir aap openly price nehi bolte so sir plz mujhe aap approx price battao plz .

    • vijaya pavin

      Sir store is very beautiful and nice idea of notes

    • N Sta

      Beautiful store👌🏻👌🏻, wish we could get to see your store….Great content always…keep up the good work….Keep growing…love from an Indian in New Zealand…👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    • Puran Bhawsar

      Nice bird and nice video salman ji

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