Occurred on 2018 / Tokyo, Japan

“I have 2 white bellied caique and originally I had 30 chameleons all hatched in my house after warming the eggs for 6 months without expecting them to hatch. He is one of them. The others, I donated to a school, zoo etc. He is 6 years old now, possibly one of the oldest in Japan. For first time, out of curiosity, I put my bird and the Chameleon, Santaro, together to see what would happen and the rest is caught on the video.”

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    12 replies to "Bird Unsure of New Chameleon Friend || ViralHog"

    • Adagio Dazzle

      That bird is a little small to be next to a chameleon if u look it up u will see that chameleons eat birds so just make sure u always monitor them

    • Xx_DERP_YT

      They look like they wear kissing

    • Niara Terela Isley

      Not funny in the least. Keep your chameleon far away from your little parrot. It’s mouth is quite large enough to get your bird’s head in it and clamp down if it ever got a lucky grab.

    • Kaden Langstaff

      Dinosaur fight

    • Anid Alx

      Howw sweeeet

    • Victor Petchenev

      Для снимающих видео вертикально в аду есть специальный высокий и узкий котел!

    • hauzerus

      Mortal combat 🙂


      Bird just wants to love somebody

    • Blacklion 667

      That was a very dangerous welcoming..

    • Cody S

      First impressions are important 😛

    • Robert Bobson

      I might be wrong but I think they only extend their tongue like that to eat. I think he was trying to eat the bird even though they are the same size lol.

    • sad memes

      Was the lick a warning or a welcome?

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