Caique Parrots!!

    10 replies to "Bird room time with the caiques!!"

    • Claude Pather

      Plz can i buy a pair

    • Heather

      There’s always one in each group… Nigel 🤣

    • Honey Bee

      Hey could you tell me what cages you use for your Caiques?

    • Gökhan ERDAĞI

      Hello, I ask you for help my 150-day – old caique parrot has been crying and squealing constantly for the last 15 days, especially when it is placed on my hand or shoulder outside the cage, I am in a very difficult situation, I am sad what do you think I should do to recover from this situation, it is very dependent on me, not sick or hungry, you have encountered such a situation. Sincerely.

    • Northern Parrots


    • Shameylamey

      Soooo cuteeeeee

    • rufflesal

      Beautiful indoor cages.

    • Jack Neumeyer

      I love how he sings to each of them 🥰

    • YassCoffeeQueen

      Wow so many beautiful birds! I'm thinking of getting a caique

    • Rebecca Walsh

      What's the reason for the lights in each cage? Curious to know more!

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