It really is that simple:
1. lay back
2. shake around a wrench
3. profit

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    26 replies to "Bird Mechanic #SHORTS"

    • Dayan Talkar

      how much he lifts ?

    • Kayla Riker

      Where'd you get the stacking toy?!

    • pickles

      I wonder if Apollo knows the word "wrench"

    • Carol Ann

      exercise time … bar none

    • Tacito Zetticci

      My grey never lays on his back, I guess he'd need a caique to teach him

    • Pratima Ghai

      Beautiful ❤❤❤just too cute ❤❤❤❤❤

    • docsav

      why did you let them play with such dangerous metal objects

    • Sonia Sardar

      Love how they Pull that wrench and falls on their back So cute little Mechanics😆😍😚

    • DjRobalx


    • Meyos Dominguez

      Como se lo pasan🤣🤣🥰❤️🦜

    • Valosar

      Shrokect wrenches?

    • HarunHuggy


    • Sue Eiszele

      YeAh birdys

    • e schwarz

      So sweet how they are curious to take everything apart

    • jibs 24

      i habe an african grey just like apollo but she lost an eye in an accident and the previous bird owners just ruined her wings to make sure she would never fly away, seeing ur bird makes me happy as he looks very happy, keep it up

    • deoxyplasmic

      I'm concerned they might wrench something. 🔧😂

    • PricklyCactusBlossom

      They play so cutely⚘️like kitties & puppies⚘️

    • BWWKH

      👍 👍 👍

    • Von Heffalump

      Did they lose the 10mm socket yet?

    • Barbara Goldfuss

      This is so funny Iam in tears. Little mechanical birdies with their tools going bonkers with them.I think they could do better work then mechanics I’ve had.😂😂😂😂

    • Woad Blue

      I love how they lay on their backs these MFs are cute as hell

    • Boost Mobilr

      Can undo anything! Handy helpers to service people!!!!

    • ferretyluv

      They love those wrenches! How precious!

    • RockSplitter

      Well there’s your problem right there.

    • U.N. Owen

      My last 2 braincells when confronted with a simple task:

    • Lorna Jo

      That's fantastic, that he mimics doing what you do when you work on the car. He watches you outside and learns!

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