Ophelia knows better than to get involved.

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    18 replies to "Best Frenemies 🤝"

    • focus ___v _

      Hyy apollo 🥰

    • shiierin

      Basically enemies with benefits

    • Pixelated Pixie

      Brave little Caique. Both Bird's are Beautiful

    • merryprawn

      – Fighting, fighting, more fighting
      – Pause for preening
      – Back to fighting

    • meycoe

      They seem to really enjoy that spiral perch, gonna get one for my conure 😊

    • Nitzy Black

      In the words of Tom Petty, 🎶 'I won't back down'🎸 😄

    • Josh Grazer

      Bro swung up side down just to fight

    • MiraiB

      I hope they wouldn't hurt each other 😅☺️

    • This is not my real name

      Can they mate?

    • Alteria

      Sometimes it's chaos, sometimes it's smoochin

    • Linda Mastriano

      Aww how sweet it is they love each other. So nice. And what's good is they don't hurt each other. I love them. ♥️♥️🥰🥰

    • Tog Tog

      Apollo’s uno reverse at the end is taking me out LOL

    • ReconR51

      It’s like watching a thumb war

    • Kylie🌱

      This was fun to watch😂🥰

    • Taking My Spirit Back

      soleil once again proving dynamite comes in small packages lol, she's fearless.

    • feanorfeuergeist

      Apolle could kill a caique in one bite its just so amazing how gentle he is

    • Ted Chirvasiu

      There's a bird inside

    • Max O.

      Very nice to see Apollo be on the more gentle side here, it seems he's learning well!

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