Ophelia needed a bit of grooming, since she doesn’t like the harder shredder toys like her sister.
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    28 replies to "Beak Too Long IDK #SHORTS"

    • Pestilenssi

      Apollo tryna rescue her ❤️

    • Cheryl Ween

      Wow! That's amazing! I doubt my bird would allow me to do that.

    • sean mcguinness

      such a good well trained bird

    • Morgan Pollard

      Is he trying to sharpen the caique's beak?

    • Nikki Berry

      Can't tell if Apollo was trying to protect her or heard you say "snack" and decided he wanted in on the action. 😂

    • SoCalSandman780

      I used to trim my Blue Fronted Amazon’s claws in this very same fashion. Just speak reassuringly and calmly while gently doing the trimming and the trust just came naturally. Good boy!

    • Stephen Ancell

      That bird seems to enjoy a beak job. My Cockatiels won't even let me clip their claws, they scream the street down and give me some serious beak.

    • ISME &WHAT

      Why don't you use electric one

    • Amanda

      Does this hurt the bird ? And how do birds in the wild deal with a over grown beak or whatever

    • Patrick McCann

      LOL. Poor bird.

    • Mason Blue

      Wow, she really IS a good bird!

    • Briana M.

      That's a GOOD bird!!!

    • OneBiasedOpinion

      The amount of trust she must have in you to allow you to grab her head and vigorously file down her beak like that with zero complaint or skittishness is a testament to how much care and attention you give them daily.

    • Maralynne

      Do you ever use an electric file?

    • Wolfboy’s Art Den

      Huh, I wasn’t aware an owner had to manually file down a birds beak. Well you learn something new everyday

    • Alan Hilton

      You can see that bird completely trust's you.

    • Nisha Lakshmi

      Beak is long making short ok fine 👍🏻🐦

    • Jey Rodriguez

      Any suggestions on how I could do this with my sun conure? He’s super sweet and trusting when it comes to me, but he’s very protective and would definitely not even let me hold him like that. I was considering an aviary vet or something but are there any methods I could try?

    • Germaine Lytle

      I have to do this with my caique, too!

    • Srini Gomathi

      Could you please make a video for the toys alone pls show each of the toys the birds get to play plss it's my humble request

    • Mooky O'H

      Nice work Dalton and Apollo.

    • Max Mustermann


    • Huracan

      Do birdies feel any pain or it's like scratching an itch 🤭🙉

    • That Stoner Over There

      Apolo trying to save her

    • cindy hanson

      Great job on your good beak grooming care.very trusting baby ❤

    • SimpilySofie

      How do you train them so well my bird bites when you try to tell him to step up

    • Angelina Mascol

      Aw you're concerned Apollo, come here:


    • Seth

      You need a better file…. geesh

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