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It was an amazing experience and a great timepass for Me and for My Children having a shower with Caique Parrot on Beach. Since my Parrot is not regularly going to the beach she was a bit scared and was wondering by looking at the never-ending Waves.

Caiques love to play in Water always, maybe because their origin is from Amazon riversides in South America and of course because of the temperature in UAE.

*Caique Parrots will not allow them to get wet if the Temperature is low (evening time) and we should not force them too because they may get cold.

*If you take your parrot to the beach shower in Salt Water, then please make sure you clean them in Freshwater before they get dried.

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    5 replies to "Beach Shower of Caique Parrot with Kids | Weekend Leisure Trip | Playing with Children | Having Fun"

    • Wilde Wilde

      This is so lovely and peaceful. Thank you for sharing.

    • Marina Gorlov

      Where did you get a water fountain like that? Would love to buy one for my caiques!

    • Tina A

      Too cute 💕

    • Susana

      My God, how cute 🥺❤️, be careful with that little kiss 🥺

    • Shaan


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