Soleil (left) and Ophelia (right) the White-Bellied Caiques enjoying a shower.

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    24 replies to "Bath time for the girls"

    • Isabella Borandi

      Adorabili creature

    • Sy Ys

      Why is everyone using dwarf Fortress music for their shorts now

    • Blueberry Juice

      OMG! They are so cute!!

    • Scouser

      The fluttering eyes😭😭😭

    • Irene del carmen Corona

      Calificación parala amita !!!mil!!!

    • Shadow Dawson


    • Владимир Савченко

      two sweet buns 🤗

    • Arsenic

      They are SOOOOO adorable 🥰


      Oh noooo. So cute.

    • Просто Чик

      Справа парняга

    • Shantel Sullen

      Well damn .. this is adorable

    • Proteccionista de Animales

      Encantadoras, hermosas, cómicas, ternuritas, adorables animalitos.🐦🐥🦃🐤🐣🐓🐔🐧🕊🦅🦆🦉❤😍

    • Kirsten Marie

      Yes, cute birds. But you really should avoid using a shower head to bathe your birds, especially smaller species. There's too much pressure.
      You can end up literally forcing water into their lungs and put them at risk for aspiration pneumonia if it gets into deeper tissues where it's harder to clear. If you insist on showering with them, best to keep them out of the direct spray.

      And because I know some people think shouting "YouTube vet" is a valid response, my upper division and graduate biology coursework included a series on animal anatomy. You can also find a plethora of message boards with owners freaking out over a bird who won't stop wheezing after nearly drowning in a shower.

    • Mad as a Hatter

      Unconditional friendship.

    • conifergreen2

      My little wild red breasted nuthatches do this in the tree when I spray them with the hose.

    • Diana Lee

      This is sooooo cute

    • Pixi Le Gault

      They are sooo cute!!!

    • NARUTO

      lol the way they blinked hahaha

    • Spocklee

      oh my goodness their so affectionate

    • Rohit Bhai

      Love Birds💕

    • Paula Swann

      Just beautiful birds.

    • Gee Emin

      Aww bless so beautiful

    • Eva Winters

      So adorable!!🥰
      I used to have a Cockatiel who showered with me on my shoulder everyday. He loved it!!!🦜
      Love when you said "sorry girls". So respectful of them.😊

    • tommymonza

      Am I the only one that is crying because of that hideous caulk job ?

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