Look at how big they are all getting!!!

Here is a link to the petco smiley squeeky toys:

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    • Silly Caiques

      Hi Auntie Rita, thank you for the link to the squeeky toys. We're ordering right now while mom is at work!!! Love, Maggie & Spencer

    • Silly Caiques

      Woweee, they have grown up haven't they? They are both so pretty and their faces are like little angels. Now look and the 4 new babies……they are adorable! The little one in the cup, I can't wait to see that little stinker grow up.
      Hey Rita, I really like the new "face" squeek toys. Are those for dogs? I need to buy some for Maggie & Spencer.

    • chihuahuabulldog

      WOW! Birds grow so fast. They look like adults when they are still just babies!! Scooby gave me such a scare getting close to the edge like that! I know you won't let them get hurt though! Boy, Dixie really got their attention. LOL Then Big Sister got to see what she looked like a couple of weeks ago, crying and wingercising!! LOL With all these babies I guess you won't be going to Lanier or Red Top any time soon!! Those still pics at the end are so cute!

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