This is “Dugan”, the oldest baby caique from the last clutch. He was sold,
but the sale fell through….so we are looking for a new home for him.

I was trying to show how sweet this little baby is in this video. He just
loves to snuggle and will lay on his back and enjoy his scritches for as
long as I am willing to sit and scratch. He also likes to take “walks”. We
walk up and down the hallway….him chasing me sometimes, and me chasing him
sometimes. It is really silly and fun….just what caiques love to do!!!

I have been calling this baby Scooter now because of the way he runs around…but as always…..It does not hurt my feelings at all if his new owner wants to change his name. It is just easier around here if the babies have some kind of name by the time they are weaned.

    6 replies to "baby white bellied caique"

    • Melissa Korhonen

      The running around the house reminded me of my bird. I used to play hide and seek with her and she wouldn't quit until she found me. Bird are so playful! I wish I still had one.

    • Mary B

      Thanks for letting me know that my WBC Dolly should get veggies. She still throws raw ones out of a dish, but I did discover that if I slightly cook a mix of corn, peas, and carrots that she will eat them – or at least mush them about and get the tender insides!

    • Triple the Scraps

      Oh Rita, he is a DOLL! I LOVE how he lays on his back so well! Sugar still doesn't like that even after watching Kiwi. I am sorry the sale fell through. I am sure someone will snatch him up. He is a cutie for sure!

    • 1boidae

      Now that was totally cute!!! Perfect name for him 😉

    • mtnbikerfred

      Spoooiiiiiled rotten!! ;)=

    • Maanleentjh

      really nice that u teach the birds so many things when they're young like cuddling mine isn't used to it so he's scared off it all :p

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