Baby my Amazon parrot hides from Puffman caique!

    11 replies to "Baby is Hides From Puffman Caique #parrot #birds #caique #cute"

    • @joeb9849

      He was distracting you so he could get those toes !!!😂

    • @gabrielapereira5303

      He’s soooooo funny! 😍🥰💛💚🧡

    • @lorimartin191

      Awwww 🤭 This is Adorable ❣️💚

    • @tracyroake2815

      Good morning every birdie😊.

    • @rhondaz356

      sooo adorable 💚💛💚💘

    • @alfredritcher

      Beautiful baby and puffy

    • @birdsmariaandsunshinetv9899

      Hi my April.
      Glad to see you and hear your voice again. Your bird Puffman is so cute 🥰

    • @fluffythoughts

      It is amazing how they are able to make you smile. Puffy is so lovely… he is just looking after you and little Baby.
      I am very happy that you are in good hands, April.
      You deserve the best!!! 😊❤😊❤😊❤😊

      Good job Puffy!!! Keep protecting and looking after everyone! You are a very Sweet and Special Soul!❤❤❤❤❤

    • @lizbethk540

      Baby and Puffman. Best buds! 🧡

    • @nitzyblack6143

      So glad to see/hear from you ❤
      Had to play this over several times as my Conure (sitting on my head) was so intrigued and excited! Thank you Puffman 😄

    • @abeautifullife5303

      Hi April. I went off i stagram for a while. Be well. 🦜♥️🐦♥️🦜♥️🐦♥️

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