These three boys are CRAZY silly and so much fun!!

    18 replies to "Baby Caique Playtime"

    • ᴛᴏᴍᴛᴏᴍᴀ

      Very cute! 😀

    • Gamze GÜL

      Their lives 2021 ?

    • Gökhan ERDAĞI

      Hello, sir, I have a young caique parrot that I just bought, it cries a lot, goes out on my shoulder and cries, and then screams, eats around 150 days, it starts when you see me, not sick, it's normal, I'm very upset, I ask for your help in this situation. Sincerely.

    • Hell Fire

      Ooo green thigh caique

    • matt sykes

      must be hard to let them go showing how much fun they are

    • Forbidden Rose

      Not fair! I want tummy time too! 😭 I love these babies! 💖

    • AJ B

      Hello ! Why Caiques have green spots on the top of their heads?

    • ••[Ghøšt]••

      They are so cute! <3

    • 戴美芳


    • 戴美芳


    • MRT SLD

      ohhh I hear some baby sunconures😂😂😂

    • jk

      Sooooooo sweed??????

    • Billie's Craft Room

      I've heard of the term herding cats but after seeing this, it should be ' its like trying to herd caiques.' bless em all they are awesome

    • Taylor Lee

      My Caique is the best bird I’ve ever owned. Even though he screams for attention ALL THE TIME, I still love him to death. He’s 4 now! Happy birthday to my Hanx

    • Afnan ali

      Is the green on their legs going to turn yellow as they grow?

    • lavrose

      Aren't they little darlings?! And such prominent eyes.

    • Little Pincushion

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    • Eve Gibney

      Tango looks like trouble 😂

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