The babies are all doing great!!

    13 replies to "Baby Caique Parrots 1-5 weeks old."

    • LaReine

      Do you wear earplugs?

    • Xendrius

      Only god could make something that cute.

    • Luxury Wigs

      I would like to buy some eggs from you. Are you in the United States?

    • Robert Kenny

      We're's there mother?

    • My Quach

      U got the coolest job caring for these babies, idk is hard work, that what u were call out to do.

    • Martin XY

      my eyes are in heaven, my ears are in hell

    • Gökhan ERDAĞI

      Hello, I ask you for help my 150-day – old caique parrot has been crying and squealing constantly for the last 15 days, especially when it is placed on my hand or shoulder outside the cage, I am in a very difficult situation, I am sad what do you think I should do to recover from this situation, it is very dependent on me, not sick or hungry, you have encountered such a situation. Sincerely.

    • Tessa Boucquin

      They r so cute

    • Maikel Cabrera

      Hola cómo hacer para comprar uno

    • Ciao Prando

      Baby parots every 5 seconds :

    • Mileidy Class

      I still think they're cute, despite the horrific screaming.

    • Anja chan

      this little dinosaurs are very loud! xD

    • EggIsTaken

      Human: “That number-“
      Parrot: agagagagagagag

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