15 replies to "Baby Caique parrot protecting her buddy under her wing | JC018"

    • lokmane anir

      headphone users R.I.P

    • Mar

      They seem scared are they ok?

    • Nina

      ,, I guard you!"💕🦜

    • foreverealm

      This is very precious. … i know now… mama birds cover their babies under their wings to protect them. So this birb has a motherly heart to cover her cohort with a protective wing. It is very dear. 💞

    • Simu Lui

      Humans need to be extinct to safeguard real bio diversity

    • Natasha Kendall

      That's a perfect little friend photo right there

    • Αργυρώ Κέκου


    • babybluex

      Oh my gosh! Awwwww.

    • ballad2212

      I think she's more beating his brains in, by accident, of course. 😁

    • Francine Douaihy

      So sweet and adorable

    • Felicidad Llamas


    • Sarah's Music Garden


    • Peace4777

      Don't think I have seen anything more adorable❤️🤗

    • James Jameson

      I'm 6"11 280 lbs and this just melted me like butter

    • Rosebud Adkins

      So sweet! 💜💜💜

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