My Baby White Bellied Caique Parrot living the life LIKE A BOSS!

    27 replies to "Baby Caique Parrot LIKE A BOSS!"

    • Jackie V

      Awww…..just adorable ❤️

    • plan3r

      My pineapple conure just loves to be held, outside his cage, and have company. He LOVE blueberries. He doesn't like to be touched. I tried to train him by gently grabbing him and lay him on his back but he never liked it. So I stopped. He's good as kissing noises though and knows when he wants to be kissed for attention. The hardest part bout my bird, as soon as he gets on my shoulder, that's it. He doesn't want to leave, or get off. He'll bite anyone's fingers including mine lol.

    • Alignmented1

      Hmm!.. Masks actually do serve for something! Ingenious! He's so sweet!

    • TheRealSlimShelby


    • Nida Fatima

      i love the hammock

    • Good Tips

      nice but prepare they got 4 lvl. devil inside trust me 😀

    • Zeynep Hayırlı


    • Boca de Dragón Gélido YT

      those kind of birds live 23-30 years, so don't worry 😀

    • IndianBeauty02

      Lmbo to cute

    • darknessAz

      that little bird lives with pleasure and carefree.

    • Linda Warren

      Music sucked but the parrot is sweet.

    • Surovi akter

      what is your bird real name?

    • C.A. old

      Heahaeh :-O 😀 🙂 So Cutes. ! 🙂 <3 +1

    • Mico's Home

      So Cute😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    • ricardo marchan

      Now just wait until the smart animals comment arrives and tells that he can suffocate while he was on the hammoc.

      Always ruining the fun.

      Even tho they're right.

      both sides are wrong are right.

    • Simon0

      Awesome. COVID mask hammock. 😷

    • Ingrid Arnold

      Sweaty ♥️ ❤ ♥️ ❤ ♥️

    • Glass and metal

      . UK= WC

    • Ana Alina

      The song doesn't fit this cute video at all, lol.

    • Gregory Morrison

      a 🦜 like a😎is so cute!

    • Птичий дом


    • Rosilda Carvalho Lopes

      A máscara virou uma rede…kkkkk

    • Wendy Noto

      The mask hahaha super cute ,smart

    • KabeTus MC Pet Parrot

      thiS is soooo cute 🥰🥰

    • Violet Indigo

      Omg how cute and adorable it is! 😍😍😍 And this song LIKE A BOSS haha really! 😂😂😂

    • Shubhendu Trivedi

      How cute .I wanna buy this parrot

    • 𒆙RJ Long𒆙

      The music is kind of annoying, but the birds so cute. I love that conures kind of follow, where they can roll on their back and stuff but won't do it to the degree of these guys.

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