Today Puffman Caique Parrot, Baby Amazon Parrot, and Victoria Cockatoo have their avian vet visit with Dr. G at Feathers and Fur Animal Hospital. Dr. G who is an avian vet discovers something odd about Puffman Caique!

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📺Why Victoria Cockatoo Is So Sick
📺Victoria Cockatoos Story


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    22 replies to "Avian Vet Discovers Something Odd About My Parrot"

    • The Game

      OMG…? Idiots! 🙁

    • Dave Warrender

      I've got a crush on ur vet. she's funny , also I love puffy , we'd get on like a house on fire cuz I'm not exactly normal either. Together we'd cause seven shades of chaos

    • Susie Lopez HHN freak (UNDEAD VAMPIRE) 🖤😈

      his is so cute

    • Nancy Cinnomn Bontreger

      Sure wish I had a Dr G near me.

    • HeroinFairie

      I couldn't stop myself from screaming

    • Messengers

      Hello I can't seem to find much help on the internet about pin feathers. I watched one of your videos about it and you did show a little bit kinda up close but I really need to know when the pins feathers are ready to be preened I have a pigeon and she's molting. My question is she has new feathers coming in but the bottom of pin feathers are kinda black but tip is white.? Does the white part get removed only or all of it? I'm so confused there's not much about what it looks like online. Thanks for any help!

    • Margie Morgan

      Dr, G thought she had seen everything, Then she met…….Puffy lol

    • NCGregory

      Well that air is something else. Lol

    • Joanna Zurlo

      I wish I could get my birds checked out by your birds vet Dr. G.

    • Stefi Criner

      She's yelling with at that small thing right in front of her. Wow

    • jen l

      His T shirt was red 😳 lol

    • FalconSue

      Heck, I coulda told Dr. G that the Puffman is full of hot air! Hilarious video, April 🙂

    • Yunfei81

      That was hilarious. Great to see a vet having so much fun. 😀

    • Nitzy Black

      What a super fun video ‼️
      This made mine and my feathered guy's day !!! Thank you so much ❤️

    • Nitzy Black

      That's hysterical 🤣😂🤣!!! Dr. G is an awesome vet ❤️‼️

    • Bec

      I didn't realise there was a specific reason for Puffman's name. It definitely suits him. Very very cute. I love his little legs too.😂

    • Tracey Rossmann

      What a strange little puffy Chucky 🤣

    • lor Po

      The vet I have worked with for years likes to show his guest that he can deflate his pigeons , but with his pigeons you can also inflate them , its weird

    • TheCurt1981

      Puffman is a squeaker toy!

    • ec18041973 Gmail


    • Birgit M

      So funny and cute!!!! I could not stop laughing when Dr. G pressed the air out off the puffman 😂😂😂😂 Dr. G is so good with all your birdies ❤️❤️❤️

    • Doris Bove

      Aww 😍 April ❤️ your gorgeous adorable bird flock is so uniquely precious and special we love them so much and love you April 🥰

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