Soleil & Ophelia love trying to knock each other off the swing.

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    28 replies to "Average Caique Moment"

    • Rey Bryant

      "Ed, ed n eddy" 🎶

    • Josipa Mešin

      If they aren't cute I don't know what are you thinking it's cute then💁‍♀️Their little smooshed faces to the camera THE FUR OOHHH MA GOD SO CUTEEE💗💗💗💗

    • Scarletdex

      They are like ninjas or kung-fu masters
      Fighting each other while hanging from a mountain-high ledge on one limb

    • Solomon Alexander


    • Richard Phieler

      Angry birds in real 😁🤗

    • Gilapo

      Not parrots…. bats with extra steps

    • Shangz A

      Is apollo or the caique sisters noisier?

    • V'ger

      The Caique sisters being goofballs. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Ley Ask


    • Just Erika

      Other birds: 🐦🦜🐥

    • Lance Anthony

      Never ending fight

    • Susie Lopez fan of HHN freak 🖤😈

      so cute 😘❤

    • Winter Wolfie

      They are so cute 🥰

    • Helen Thompson

      They are sweet charming pretty & delightful to watch 🥰♥️❣️

    • Florida Man

      Truly a caique moment of all time

    • Bruce Fields

      Serotonin levels rn: 📈

    • MaDDi3 F


    • InkyFreak

      Ophelia and Solei practicing to join Circ de Solei (can’t spell it sorry!)

    • Mason Humphrey

      R they fighting or playing?

    • MrGilRoland

      One thing with parrots is you can never tell when they’re serious about something. If they were serial killers, they would whistle and sing and tell jocks while killing you in the most horrific way.

    • ferretyluv

      What is it with parrots and the Ed, Edd, and Eddy theme?

    • sheets

      Caiques are SO silly, probably the silliest birds I've ever seen! Love watching them play.

    • Ruatfeli bialnu

      Can't they talk too?

    • Ruatfeli bialnu

      Can't they talk too?

    • Pepperoni Milkshake

      Cutest Winged Mangoes ever

    • Polly Robertson

      Like people ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • Slim Shady

      Lindas demais, os anjinhos coloridos

    • Barbara Werner

      Your birds being so happy is a great tribute to you!

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