Loud? A #parrot? A #Caique #Parrot?

Ha! If you ask me, that’s par for the course when it comes to parrots. Sure, some are very, very loud and others aren’t so bad. They aren’t songbirds, that’s for sure!

My White-bellied Caique parrots, or Pionites leucogaster (scientific name), can be loud. I’d say they are loud enough that I don’t know if I’d feel comfortable getting one if I was in an apartment. Might be ok if I was in a townhome at the end unit, because my neighbors couldn’t hear my parrot through the walls!

Caique parrots aren’t talkers – they may learn to say “Hi,” and a couple other little things, but this isn’t their true talent. They are fun-loving and amazing middle-sized parrots that know how to enjoy life. They are known for their hopping and exploring things on foot. Sure, they can fly, but they find fun doing different things, like hopping. Mine like to play and wrestle at the bottom of their cages as they squeak and squawk.

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    4 replies to "Are #Caique #Parrots Loud? #Parrot_Bliss"

    • Leo & Murki

      Best way i put it is, they can be loud but they arnt noisy.

    • Jan Kelley

      I think they are just very busy, going from one thing to the next. It’s just their way of saying, “enough”. I see their demeanor change and sometimes they cackle. That’s when I back away. My husband doesn’t see it and he pays the price!😂

    • Jan Kelley

      My Caiques can be ear shattering. My smallest bird, a black headed, can get the entire flock going. Honestly we aren’t bothered. That said, I can quiet and calm them with YouTube music for calming parrots. I agree with you, they need sunlight, outside. And, they are into everything. And, I have had people tell me they can turn on a dime. They can be sweet one minute the be very nippy. I have only one like that and I can see it happening.

    • Tammy 66

      Great video as usual…my nanday can for real take out a eardrum!!!

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