Are Caiqye parrots friendly or hard-headed birds?

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    • @ahmedabualqasim8717

      Which bird species is easier to raise? African Grey or Caique? I know both need a lot of social time and i used to have an african grey but then i had to give it away. And now im thinking of getting a caique but need to know if it is as difficult as raising an african grey.

    • @cornelisstad4029

      Hello, as I saw a caique breeder did put a fake egg near a newly hatched hatchling I am wondering what is the point of putting a fake egg in the nest or near the hatchling. Do you know why this is done ?

    • @floridamadman59

      I agree with your assessment but they do get grumpy with age. Mine is 20 years old and gets along better with my wife. But she does like me. For a while! 😊

    • @thebirdcouple

      Awwww! I have one of these! He’s a killer ninja 99% of the time! 🤣😂

    • @1hawaii21

      I really thought about this. I think they are very cat like. You have to accept a cat on its terms. Sweet and affectionate on their terms. They have very strong personalities. Stubborn yes but also eager to learn and interact with their owners. Of my birds, I would say only 2 are always sweet. Both are female. Floki is a white bellied hen. She prefers being with my husband and I whenever she can. She’s playful and silly. But, do not try to take something from her. The other is Siggi, a black headed hen. We can do anything with her. Even when she gets annoyed. So far, she’s just been a LOT, of noise. The other birds always want to interact with us but seem to have more fun playing Caique games. I think people are attracted to them because of their beautiful coloration and what they see on social media. Caiques need a lot of stimulation, tons of toys and mental stimulation. I also believe they need a buddy. As you brought up, Caiques are known to “take out” other birds, even larger species. And , lastly they can be loud and destructive. When my birds are out in their area I’m only concerned when they are quiet. Then I know they’re up to no good.

    • @susankuchenberg4527

      Can a 4 year old girl get a chum and not kill it? My local bird lady says it can be bloody to introduce an adult bird to a friend. Is it advisable?

    • @Ralfram

      Caiques are Keas for your handbag. Same energy, same curiosity, just a bit smaller.

    • @Bingos_mom

      I’ve heard them described as the Pitt Bull of parrot breeds. I had some bird experience when I got Buddy but I was told NOTHING about them and at first Buddy was a big challenge in care and attention that even I wasn’t prepared for. I can see why they are very often rehomed when they are not that cute little hopping parrot that many believe them to be.

    • @jojo1828v

      They are funny clowns and stubborn and they think they are the boss of everyone (little bird syndrome) and they think they own everything (king of a mine mine mine attitude) I still want one. Even if we argue.

    • @hammer-r

      Tks for the vid. Never seen one before but recently heard about them. Tks for the education.

    • @alexanderNorseCode

      They are sweet and friendly for about five minutes and then if they don't get enough attention they will destroy all your stuff including ripping wallpaper off your walls. Just my experience

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