$2,000 dollars, that’s getting up — are #Caique #parrots worth so much?

Yes, you can get a Caique parrot for a little less or for a little more — as of the summer of 2021 — but is it too high a price?

Or is this exotic, neotropical parrot totally worth while?

Caiques are unique parrots – they are one-of-a-kind, so much so that they initially folled aviculturists into thinking that they weren’t parrots. Their hookbill is different enough — but then aviculturists figured it out!

Caiques are one of the only parrots who may prefer to hop rather than fly, who play by rolling at the bottom of their cage like kids and who like to slide themselves on their backs along flat surfaces!

Get 2 Caique parrots – because they aren’t 1- person birds, which means that hey will still bond with you. They will keep each other company and provide you with twice the entertainment, companionship and… mess!

Finding Bliss for you and your parents through diet, bonding and understanding more about a parrot’s world.
Parrots are my bliss! I currently have 17 species and have had several others too. I love learning about them and have experts that I talk to when I want to learn something about them to avoid contradictory or incorrect information.
As the author of “The Parrot Bliss Bond,” I love and welcome questions about having a parrot and creating one of the best experiences of your life!
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    17 replies to "Are 🦜 #Caique #Parrots Worth The $2,000 🏷️ Price Tag? #Parrot_Bliss"

    • Future Free Flyers

      I’m lucky, Italian breeders sell their caiques for 400€, which is about 450 dollars! I’m getting a bh caique in a couple of years 😀

    • Real Yardy Queen

      I paid $2300 for mines and he's worth every dime, omg I love him so much, my caique let me play with his tail feathers and even spread them wide so I can clean them.

    • Norse Code

      My Caique is toilet trained. Only issue I have with him is that he's constantly moving about and chewing things and flying around and it's so annoying when you let him out of his cage. He does things on purpose to get my attention and he seems to laugh when I get mad

    • Those eyes

      Last week was in store in nj…$3000!!!

    • 787.86

      I'm lucky. We took in an abused Yellow naped Amazon, and rehabilitated him, my arms look like I self harmed from all the bites I got, but our Rocky is a cuddle bug nowadays. The Caique breeder liked what I did so much so she sold Sjevardnaze to me for $ 430. She is chipped, has a documented pedigree history, had veterinarian papers etc etc. Sometimes you are getting an unexpected reward for something you have done earlier.

    • Leila Witherspoon

      how to do you prevent a male and a female parrot from breeding if you get a pair or a bonded pair ?

    • James___

      since caiques only do well with two can i put a caique with my green cheek?

    • Jan Lee Kelley

      Mine imitate the oven and microwave. They imitate the birds outside, songbirds, crows and the the calls of the hawks. They laugh when being naughty. One of them sneezes then waits for my reaction. One of the white bellied girls has started to say, “what”. It really grabs our attention! Forgot to add. They try to imitate the canaries. Bad canary singing! Our dog is very quiet as is our neighbor’s dog. And, all of them do kisses.

    • Nick Bailey

      Have you ever used the red palm oil at all?

    • Love of Pets

      They are so beautiful 😍

    • Jena Lamp

      I am so happy to find another parrot youtuber. I don't have a bird yet so this is my fix for now! 😂

    • Jan Lee Kelley

      Your Caiques are so calm! Mine are wired and they feed off each other. As far as preening, no area is off limit. I love when they stretch their neck and tilt there heads to see what’s going on. Everything has the potential to be a toy. They as many parrots can be destructive. They are smart and realize when they’re being naughty. They laugh with glee. Yes. They play with each other, wrestle and roll around. And, when playing they can sound like they’re being murdered. Mine are very bonded with me. They rub, roll and surf all over me. They need a tremendous amount of toys. I provide chewable and foraging. As far as diet, I was surprised when I leaned the diet my avian vet recommends is the same as what Tony Silva recommends. As far as price, the price of all birds, in my opinion, as skyrocketed due to people looking for pets during the pandemic. There are bird shops here in the Tampa, FL area selling white bellied and black headed caiques for $2000.00+. To me they’re worth every penny. The only thing I would add is, this is a bird that needs at least 2 hours of interaction a day, more if possible. When they are caged, we’re cooking or going in and out, they are where they can see us. We talk to our birds all day and we play music for them. They are not a pretty bird that will be content spending life locked in a cage. And, my vet also said giving a little CBD oil every day is a great supplement.

    • meg's utube

      What a handful! You are so amazingly intune with so many different breeds of birds. It seems that all your birds are hand tamed. Is there something you do to teach them to be comfortable from the day you get them or is it just that you get them as hand fed? I got a parakeet at a petstore. It has takrn a year to jump on my hand for millet. He has to give me a couple of nips everytime b4 he settles in to eat, almost as if he's testing my response.

    • clark85

      yes more caiques plz! theyre the best!

    • Jonathan John

      Thanks for the video. Is there a certain age that a caique switches from eating 24/7, too playfull puppy? Or is mine broke :p (15 weeks old)

    • Drwillix’s

      Excellent excellent topic

    • Neo Goga

      Thx for the great info. I love the new intro 😊

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